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5 Best Free Orchestral VST Plugins You Must Try (2023)

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Introduction to Free Orchestral VSTs

There are plenty of free Orchestral VSTs available on the market. Navigating the complex landscape of music production can be intimidating, but having the right tools at your disposal makes the journey far more rewarding.

But not all plugins are created equal, and finding the best, especially free ones, can be daunting. Two excellent stand-outs in this regard are Spitfire Audio LABS and VSCO2 Rompler. Both of these offer a whole new realm of possibility for enthusiasts looking to create high-quality orchestral music without breaking the bank.

1. Spitfire Audio LABS

A Treasure Trove of Unique Orchestral Sounds

Spitfire Audio LABS offers an expanding library of unique orchestral sounds, bringing a rich and diverse palette to your music production toolkit. Whether you are looking for soft, intimate piano sounds or atmospheric tones, LABS has got you covered. The library not only sounds excellent but brings a very atmospheric vibe to your compositions, as noted by the Bedroom Producers Blog.

User-Friendly Interface

Ease of use is a significant factor when it comes to VSTs, and LABS does not disappoint. The VST comes with a dedicated Spitfire plugin, meaning that Kontakt is not required. This feature, highlighted by MusicTech, ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for users, allowing more time to focus on creating beautiful music.

Value for Money

When it comes to value for money, LABS stands tall. Being a free VST, it offers a plethora of features that are often found in paid alternatives. The Producer Hive mentions the remarkable value that LABS brings to the table, especially for budding producers who are just starting their journey in music production.

A Few Areas for Improvement

While LABS offers a range of features, it is essential to note that it has room for improvement. Some users have noted inconsistencies in sample starts, which can sometimes make fast and precise parts sound a bit sloppier. However, this minor setback does not overshadow the plethora of benefits that this VST offers.

A Tool for the Future

Looking ahead, Spitfire Audio LABS continues to evolve, with the brand constantly adding new instruments to the series. The official Spitfire Audio site hints at the exciting future of LABS, promising more free sounds for all. Moreover, the advent of technologies like 3D printing in the production process signifies that we can expect even more innovations from LABS in the future.

Free Orchestral VSTs

2. VSCO2 Rompler

In the world of orchestral VST plugins, the name VSCO2 Rompler from Versilian Studios deserves more than passing notice. This free orchestral VST has made its mark by offering realistic orchestral sounds for a wide variety of music production needs.

Rich and Diverse Sound Palette

The VSCO2 Rompler is renowned for its rich library of sounds. According to KVR Audio, it houses over 2000 samples from the Versilian Studios Chamber Orchestra 2, giving you a wide array of instruments to choose from. This ensures that you have all the right tools at your fingertips to create a masterpiece.

User-Friendly Interface

A highlight of the VSCO2 Rompler is its user-friendly interface. It is designed to be intuitive, making it easy for both beginners and professionals to navigate through its features. The Bedroom Producers Blog praises its straightforward design, which allows for a smooth workflow, helping you to focus more on the creative process rather than getting bogged down with technicalities.

High-Quality Sounds

When it comes to the quality of sounds, the VSCO2 Rompler does not disappoint. The plugin offers high-quality orchestral sounds that are crisp and clear, providing a solid foundation for your musical compositions. The detailed sampling ensures that the sounds produced are realistic and immersive, taking your productions to a whole new level.

Compatibility with Major DAWs

The VSCO2 Rompler is compatible with a wide range of Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs), including both Windows and Mac operating systems. This ensures that regardless of the DAW you are using, you can integrate the VSCO2 Rompler seamlessly into your workflow, enhancing your production capabilities.

Image of VSCO2 Rompler: The Game-Changer for Orchestral Sounds, depicting a wide variety of orchestral instruments and a music producer in a studio setting

3. ProjectSAM Free Orchestra

ProjectSAM Free Orchestra: ProjectSAM’s Free Orchestra offers a selection of cinematic orchestral instruments, including strings, brass, and percussion. It’s perfect for those looking to add a dramatic touch to their music. Here

High Quality of Samples

ProjectSAM is renowned for the quality of its samples, and their Free Orchestra is no exception. Derived from premium instruments found in acclaimed series such as Symphobia and True Strike, the high-quality samples can add epic-sounding layers to tracks, especially when used in tandem with other libraries. The richness and depth of the sounds available are a testament to the quality that ProjectSAM brings to the table.

In an industry where quality often comes at a price, the Free Orchestra stands out by offering a solid gigabyte of free cinematic sounds. These sounds are taken directly from ProjectSAM’s acclaimed libraries, including Symphobia 4: Pandora and Symphobia 3: Lumina, allowing users to access high-quality sounds without any cost. It’s a generous offering that is hard to find in the market today.

The library comprises a full gigabyte of cinematic orchestral sounds, providing users with a rich palette of sounds to work with in their productions. Whether you are looking to create a dramatic score or add depth to your music, the Free Orchestra offers a range of sounds that can help you achieve the desired effect.

Community Endorsements

The Free Orchestra comes highly recommended in community discussions, with users praising its quality and offerings. Some even express regret over not having discovered it sooner. Its good reputation among users is a clear indicator of its value in the music production community.

A quick online search will lead you to a plethora of reviews and demonstrations showcasing the capabilities of the Free Orchestra. From YouTube videos to blog posts, the VST has garnered attention and has been well-received in the community, helping others to understand its potential and learn how to make the most of it in their productions.

The ProjectSAM Free Orchestra is more than just a free orchestral VST; it’s a treasure trove of high-quality orchestral sounds that can take your productions to the next level.

4. DSK Overture

The DSK Overture plugin by DSK Music plugin can be a game-changer. Here are a few reasons why people use this free VST.

Classic Orchestra Instruments

DSK Overture stands out with its impressive array of classic orchestra instruments. The plugin offers four layers that house 40 instruments, a drum kit, and 10 internal combos. Whether you are looking to incorporate the melodious sound of a harp or the rich tones of a church organ, DSK Overture has got you covered.

Sound Control

DSK Overture allows you to manage various aspects such as amplitude envelope, MIDI channel selection, panorama control, and level, gain, and mute control. These features ensure that you have all the necessary tools to shape your sound to perfection.

Advanced Multimode Filter

It comes equipped with an advanced multimode filter that includes high pass, low pass, band pass, and notch filters. Coupled with a filter amplitude envelope, this feature allows you to sculpt your sound meticulously, ensuring that you achieve the exact tone you are aiming for.

Built-in Effects

You can enhance your musical pieces with the built-in effects that DSK Overture offers. From adding depth with reverb to creating echo effects with delay, and enriching the sound with chorus, the plugin offers a range of effects to elevate your compositions.

Velocity Response & Midi Automation

Achieve a more dynamic performance with the velocity response feature and midi automatation. DSK Overture responds to velocity, allowing you to create more nuanced and expressive musical pieces.

5. BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover

BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover is a lighter version of Spitfire Audio’s comprehensive BBC Symphony Orchestra plugin. It offers a selection of instruments from each orchestral section, making it a great choice for those looking to experiment with orchestral sounds.

A Rich Array of Instruments

The VST brings to your fingertips 34 meticulously sampled instruments, including a pristine Steinway Model D grand piano, recorded in the iconic Maida Vale Studios. From strings to woodwinds to brass, it offers a rich palette of sounds to paint your musical canvases with.

User-Friendly Plugin

The VST comes with a free, easy-to-use plugin compatible with major music creation software, from Garageband to Pro Tools.

Lightweight yet Powerful

Despite being incredibly lightweight at 240MB, it doesn’t compromise on the quality of sound. It offers 47 techniques available with one mix signal, promising great-sounding orchestral music right out of the box.

Community and Support

The VST is backed by a vibrant community offering a wide range of templates and how-to videos, helping you get started on your musical journey with ease.

Whether you are just starting out or are a professional composer, the BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover VST stands as a versatile tool in your arsenal, offering a harmonious blend of quality, accessibility, and affordability. Its rich set of features promises not just a VST, but a journey into the enchanting world of orchestral music.


Understanding how to make the most of VST plugins like Spitfire Audio LABS and VSCO2 Rompler is a significant step forward for any aspiring musician or music producer. These free tools not only offer a wide array of high-quality sounds but also provide a user-friendly interface that encourages exploration and creativity.

Whether you’re looking to recreate sounds from the London Symphony Orchestra or need a full orchestral plugin for diverse music production, these VST plugins make it possible. Armed with these, you’re on the path to transforming your passion for music into something truly tangible and uniquely yours.

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