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11 Best AI Tools for Music Production: Enhance Your Skills (2024)

What is Music Production?

Music production is the process of creating, recording, mixing, and mastering music to produce a final sound recording or track. It involves a combination of artistic creativity and technical skills to bring musical ideas to life. AI technology has introduced innovative ways to enhance this traditional process by leveraging artificial intelligence to aid in music creation.

The role of AI tools for music production has been transformative, offering powerful tools to musicians and producers to create music in new, innovative ways. With AI music generators and production tools, creators can now explore a wide range of musical patterns and loops, leading to the generation of original music with minimal effort.

Using AI in music production offers several benefits, including the ability to generate music without extensive knowledge of music theory, access to a collection of music plugins built on machine learning techniques for music, and the availability of royalty-free music for use in various projects.

How AI is Revolutionizing Music Production

The advancement of AI tools for music production has revolutionized the way music is created and produced. These tools utilize artificial intelligence to analyze data and create music compositions, resulting in a seamless process for musicians and producers.

AI’s applications in music creation are widespread, ranging from melody generation and harmony creation to rhythm and structure development. This level of automation has significantly impacted traditional music production techniques, providing creators with new tools to explore and experiment in their music-making process.

The impact of AI on traditional music production techniques has brought about a shift in the way music producers approach their craft, offering a new perspective on music creation and the potential for limitless creative possibilities.

Eleven Best AI Tools For Music Production

When selecting AI tools for music production, it’s important to consider the key features that will enhance the music creation process. Some essential features to look for in AI music tools include advanced AI music generators, powerful tools for musicians, and AI music production that is available to musicians in 2023.

Here are 11 of the best AI music production tools that are currently available:

1. Amper Music

An AI music composition tool that allows users to create and customize original music by setting mood, style, and duration, without needing extensive musical knowledge.


Landr is an online mastering service that uses AI to analyze and optimize music tracks, offering mastering options tailored to the specific style and genre of the music.

3. AIVA (Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist)

Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist, or AIVA for short, is an AI music composition software primarily used for creating soundtracks for films, games, and commercials. AIVA can compose emotional soundtrack music by learning from a large database of classical music.

4. Boomy

Boomy is an instant song creation tool powered by AI, allowing users to create and release songs quickly. It’s particularly user-friendly for those without formal music training.

5. Endless

Endless is a collaborative music creation app that uses AI to enable live jamming and remixing. It’s designed for both amateur and professional musicians to collaborate and create music in real-time.

6. Google Magenta

Google Magenta is an open-source project by Google, exploring the role of AI in the process of creating art and music. It includes tools like NSynth and MusicVAE which are used for music generation and manipulation.

7. IBM Watson Beat

IBM Watson Beat is an AI-driven music composition tool that understands and processes music theory, genres, and emotions, allowing users to create unique compositions based on mood and style inputs.

8. Jukedeck

Jukedeck is a tool that uses AI to generate music and soundtracks, which can be tailored to fit specific video lengths, moods, and genres. It’s particularly useful for content creators needing royalty-free music.

9. Spleeter by Deezer

Spleeter is an open-source AI tool designed for music separation. It can split a song into different tracks (like vocals, drums, bass, etc.), which is useful for remixing, sampling, or up-mixing.

10. Humtap

Humtap is an app that lets users create music by simply humming or tapping. The AI then turns these inputs into a full-fledged musical composition, complete with multiple instruments.

11. Ozone 11

Ozone 11 is a mixing & mastering plugin that allows you to use cutting-edge AI to improve your audio. It assists with things like compression, EQ, limiting, and more. Effortlessly make your tracks release-ready and unlock the full potential of your productions.

AI Tools for music production
AI Tools for Music Production

Comparing the top AI music production software is crucial for finding the best fit for individual creative needs. With a variety of tools available to musicians, it is important to assess the features and functionalities of each tool to ensure it aligns with the desired music composition and production goals.

The creative possibilities with AI-generated music are vast, allowing creators to explore new musical ideas and experiment with AI-powered production techniques. AI-powered tools also offer musicians the opportunity to leverage the power of AI to elevate their music composition and production processes.

Integration of AI in Music Production Workflow

Integrating AI into the music production workflow presents opportunities to optimize the music production process. AI-powered tools can streamline tasks such as music tracking, mixing, and mastering, contributing to a more efficient and effective workflow for music creators.

Collaborative opportunities with AI-powered music tools enable musicians to work together seamlessly, leveraging AI technology to enhance their collaborative projects. While AI offers numerous benefits, it’s important to acknowledge the challenges and limitations in using AI for music production, including the need for continuous software improvements and refinements.

Despite the challenges, the powerful AI production tools can help music creators to bring their music ideas to life, offering a new dimension to music composition and production processes.

Emerging technologies in AI music generation are continuously shaping the landscape of music production. As AI advancements continue to evolve, the implications of these advancements on music producers are significant, presenting new opportunities for creativity and innovation in the music industry.

The future of AI in music production holds promising predictions, offering potential breakthroughs in music composition and production techniques. With AI’s capacity to generate music based on complex algorithms and musical patterns, the future of music creation is set to be transformed by AI-powered tools and technologies.

Looking ahead, the impact of AI tools for music production is expected to further revolutionize the art of music creation, providing music creators with new avenues for originality and expression in their musical endeavors.

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Breve Music Studios publishes music for Breve Orchestra, Breve Low Brass Ensemble, Breve Music Ensemble, and Breve Woodwind Ensemble.